I was born in Barcelona on April 4, 1952 and I went on stage with my guitar for the first time at age 13. Since then, music is my greatest passion.

I consider myself a self-taught musician, because even though I had good teachers, I have always been guided by my ear and my intuition to learn, but I am honored to mention Manolo Bolao, Gabriel Rosales, John Scofield and Jack Wilkins.

Over time, many bands have passed through my life which has allowed me to experiment with blues, jazz, rock, pop, funk, latin, making my style a fusion of all these influences.

Some of the most significant experiences I have lived, among others, of course with my first group “Crac”, a blues-rock trio.
“Maquina”, one of the pioneering bands of jazz-rock in our country.
Manolo Bolao, guitarist and renowned jazzman, who chose me to form a duet, with which he instructed me in the language of jazz.
“Pernil Latino”, an innovative band for its fusion of styles of rondalla and latin.
Sisa, an exceptional singer for his eclecticism and open minded to experiment with various instrumental forms.
“Orquesta Plateria” Formed by musicians from several trends, jazz, latin, classical, rock and pop, creating a unique style that still remains.

In the late 80′s I left the stage to create a recording studio in the middle of the forest, in the Montseny Natural Park, near Barcelona. I had a great experience, with which I developed my knowledge of recording techniques and musical production, highlighting my work with Tete Montoliu and Lou Bennett, for being jazzmen recognized world wide. At that time I also composed music for movies and TV series.

At the beginning of 2000, I resumed my activity on the stage and also started teaching guitar and clinics, writing my own methods.
Since the recording of my album “Jazz-rock trio” (2011) I have refocused my activity producing and recording my own music.