Peru Tour

This is the band to present my new album. Emili Baleriola, guitar and vocals. Jordi Soley, keyboards. Rubén Berengena, drums. Jordi Ruiz “popi”, bass. Ernest Martínez, percussion.

My new album is in full swing!

Official release of my new album Contemporary Blues.  Most grateful sentiments to all the people involved in its creation.

jazz-rock trio

Emili Baleriola, guitar. Vicenç Mas, bass. Raimon Iniesta, drums. With this power trio, my jazz proposal is expressed in a rock context. Besides my own compositions, I play my versions…

master class

How do I use the SCALES and CHORDS. What is my HARMONIC concept. What are my tools for IMPROVISATION. What EXERCISES do I practice to be in shape. How has…